A Capote Reader

7th May 2015

Over the last few months I’ve been dipping in and out of an anthology of writing by Truman Capote called A Capote Reader. Containing some of his short stories, novellas, travel sketches, reportage, portraits, and essays, it has left me in awe of such a formidable writing talent.




This paragraph, in particular, taken from The Grass Harp¬†caught me. It’s the sort of writing that you want to read slowly and savour.

“Wind surprised, pealed the leaves, parted night clouds; showers of star-light were let loose; our candle, as though intimidated by the incandescence of the opening, star-stabbed sky, toppled, and we could see, unwrapped above us, a late wayaway wintery moon; it was like a slice of snow, near and far creatures called to it, hunched moon-eyed frogs, a claw-voiced wildcat.”