Interview: Daisy Payne swaps the catwalk for cakes

Thegoodwebguide.co.uk - 7th May 2015

Cake and pudding lovers in search of a healthy sweet fix are in for a treat with The Hardihood, a brand new business offering beautifully crafted, raw cakes and desserts completely free from refined sugar, gluten and any chemical nasties. Set up by Daisy Payne, an ex-model, and Leah Garwood-Gowers, The Hardihood is paving the way for a new era of raw superfood confectionery that looks and tastes as good as the real thing. We caught up with Daisy to find out more about the business, its goals and how cakes compare to the catwalk.





We started the Hardihood after we both gave up sugar last January… We realised that there was nowhere to go for a healthy dessert that was free from refined sugar, especially not in East London, where we both live, and we talked about opening up a shop, something that is still on our agenda!

I started the Hardihood with a friend, Leah Garwood-Gowers… Before the Hardihood, she worked in the hospitality industry, working in bars and hotels and also writing about them as a reviewer. I’ve also contributed to magazines such as i-D, Vice and Glamour.

The idea came about after we started trialing healthy desserts at home… We adapted ingredients that we’d seen online to include those we were more comfortable with (ie no Agave). Some of our friends tried these early experiments and encouraged us to stick with it.

I’ve always been into baking… Making desserts comes far more easily to me than cooking savoury dishes. This probably has something to do with my immensely sweet tooth.

Modelling was an incredible experience, and a whirlwind at the time… It’s a privilege getting your hair and makeup done most days and getting to play a character or feel empowered walking down a catwalk. I did feel it was quite a lonely profession though; you spend a lot of time going to castings alone, or travelling alone and this was probably the main reason why it was easy for me to give it up.

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