What is the true cost of owning a horse?

Derby House Post - 5th May 2015

It won’t come as news to the estimated 451,000 private owners of horses in Britain, but the upkeep of a horse or pony is not cheap.


According to the latest figures from the British Equestrian Trade Association, indulging in this much-loved horsey hobby will set you back a whopping £3,105 per animal per year, not including the cost of associated kit such as body protectors, saddles, bridles etc. So how does the average horse owner make it work?

Catriona Fursdon, who runs holiday accommodation from Fursdon House in Devon, bought her Welsh chestnut mare Ruby in 2008 for £4000 (including a good saddle, bridle and some rugs). By no means cash rich, Catriona says: “I sort of fell into horse ownership, made possible only because I am lucky enough to live on a farm with grazing and stables, but I do, nevertheless have anxious moments about the cost.”

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